Bisena wood Carving and Sculpture adalah salah satu usaha dalam bidang seni interior rumah khususnya seni interior Bali atau sering disebut dengan Balinese Style

Canggah Wang Penuh

Bisena wood Carving and Sculpture is one of Bisena’s creation especially for Balinese Style Interior Design which is largery known in all over the world.

One of the product is Balinese House ornaments.

1. Canggah Wang.

This is used by the people in making a house for as the balancing of the pillar of the house. In order to make it nice in design and can be enjoyed by the eyes, Balinese people make it with the art shape, like a princess, lion, etc.

Canggah wang dedari

You can see the picture…..

2. Lambang.

Lambang is one of the components of Balinese House Style as the based of the roof. So. it has  important role in the house, and it has to be big in size.

canggah wang port

The normal size is around 20 x 10 cm, and the material, in this case the wood, should be good in quality.

Lambang Depan

Lambang consist of two parts, they are front view and side view.

Front view consist of Canggah Wang port, pillar port, and full view. All parts will be ornamented by carving with its styles.

Lambang samping

Side view consist of end side carving and center side carving. End side carving is usually ornamented by form of flowers, and central side carving is usually ornamented by form of boma. Boma is a form of artistic face of animals, for example the face of lion which is textured in the surface of the wood.

The wood that is usually used for making these stuff is teak wood. In Indonesia is called Kayu Jati. It has a very good quality, and belongs to number one (1) wood quality here.

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Some other pictures of the products can be seen below

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Stone,…… is one of nature’s product which can not be made by human being. Here are some examples of stone carving

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English For a Tour Guide

As we know that Bali is one of the tourist objects in the world. By this phenomena, so the chance for getting job has increased. It can be seen from many vacancies from many company in the world.

One of the prestigious jobs which is wanted by many people is Tour Guide. This kind of job has been a kind of favorite job to the society in Bali, since many people got success in its profession.

Here are some things that you have to know if you want to be a Tour Guide :

Tour Itinerary

Travel agent : Satriavi Tour and Travel

Name of group : Westlife Group

Country : England

Total person : 20 persons

Arrival : Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Departure : Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Hotel : Dynasty Hotel

Duration : 4 days 3 nights

Guide : Agus Bisena

Tour leader : James Bond

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

16.00 : Pick up the guests at the airport

16.30 : Arriving at the hotel

16.40 : Help the check in procedure

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

(Kintamani full day tour)

08.00 : Pick up the guests at the lobby

08.15 : Directly leave the hotel for the tour

09.00 : See barong dance performance

10.00 : Directly go to elephant cave

10.30 : Arrive at Elephant Cave

11.00 : Depart to Kintamani

12.00 : Arrive at Kintamani to have lunch while seeing the beautiful scenery of mount and lake Batur

13.00 : Leave Kintamani to Ubud

14.00 : Arrive at Ubud to see and buy many kinds of paintings

15.00 : Going to Celuk to see gold and silver

16.00 : Back to the Hotel

17.00 : Arrive at the Hotel

Tuesday, October 25th, 2006

(Bali Sun Set Half Day Tour)

15.00 : Pick up the guests at the lobby and directly go to Mengwi for seeing Taman Ayun water temple

15.30 : Arrive at Mengwi Water Temple

16.00 : Depart to Alas Kedaton for Monkey Forest

16.30 : arrive at Alas Kedaton

17.00 : Directly go to Tanah Lor for seeing Sun Set

17.30 : Arriving at Tanah Lot

18.30 : Back to Hotel

19.00 : Arrive at the Hotel

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

14.30: Pick up the guests from hotel to the Airport for checking out

14.15: Arrive at the Airport while waiting to the flight

Tour Commentaries

For Kintamani Full Day Tour

Barong Dance Performance

Barong is the magical protector of Balinese village, as the “lord of the forest” with fantastic fanged mask and long mone. He is the opponent of Rangda the witch, who rules over the spirits of darkness. In the never ending fight between good and evil. There are many types of Barong, such as Barong Ketet, Barong Macan, and Barong Bangkal.

The Barong Dance has always been popular in Bali which is danced by two men. One man dancing the head and forelegs and the other playing the kneed logs and fail, except the Barong Landung. The Barong has a mythological animal, that has a great many variations. The head may be in the form of lion, tiger, elephant, ketket, cow, etc. a Ketket is regarded by the Balinese as the king of the forest and refer to the name of Banaspati Raja. The performance will be followed by Keris Dance Performance who are always trying to kill Durga as the Rangda.

Elephant Cave

In the beginning, this place only known by the local people before announced to the public in 1323. Its history can not be detected, but it can be proved that it was built in 11th century between 950 and 1050 AD. Most probably around the years 1000 AD, when Bali was ruled by king Udayana. Inside the shaped is found several nieces. Perhaps they were used by the people to put their belongings while they were meditation. At one of ends of this cave there is the Ganesa Statue, the god of science. And in other part we can find a Triple Lingga, the symbol pf male sovereignty (sourinty). Infront of the cave is the bathing place divided into 3 parts by walls and decorated by a Goa Gajah derived from the book, written by Mpu Prapanca in 1365 “Negara Kerta Gama” which tell us about the name of two places, Bedulu and Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave).


Kintamani is the village on the slope of month Batur. The life of the local people is not very much different from their follows in the other part of this island. They usually wear a simple dresses such as Sarung to wrap their body. Most of the land there covered by black lava by the eruption of month Batur in 1917 and in 1927 where killed about 1500 people and destroyed about 64.000 homes and properties, including temple of Batur. After that the temple moved to higer place as we can see nowadays. Penelokan is about 5 kilometers to the lake. The visitors can see the Lake Batur easily. The view of Lake Batur is very beautiful from Penelokan. While having lunch we will enjoy the scenery.


Ubud is a district, formally was a small kingdom, but it has become a tourist resort nowadays. The development of the village had begun with the arrival of water dries, German artist in the year of twenties and he established an art group called “Pita Maha” Later Radolf Bonnet, a Dutch painter was appointed by the institution of the museum to manage the traditional painting Gallery which now is known as “Puri Lukisan Museum” Therefore, in this village you will find many kind of paintings. Ubud is also famous for the Campuhan River. Campuhan means the meeting of two rivers. Besides that, in the southern of Ubud about one km, we can find a new object that is called Monkey Forest. In this place we can see a lot of monkeys around there.


Celuk is located about 11 kilometers from Denpasar. Celuk is famous with golds and silvers, as the home of gold and silvers artisans. These gold and silver smiths do their work by mixing traditional and modern design. A long the main road, we can see a lot of artshops. Each artshops has a work shop where the visitors can see the artisans in making their work. The village of Celuk itself on the both appreciate the time taken to create a ring.

For Sunset Half Day Tour

Mengwi Water Temple/ Taman Ayun Temple

It is located in the village of Mengwi, Mengwi district, Badung Regency. It is about 18 km from Denpasar. This temple was built in 1634 by I Gusti Agung Anom, the king of Mengwi. In the inner yard we can see nine multi feared doofed merus. Two of the feared roofed merus are from the cords mount Agung and mount Batukaru, while the only one seven feared roofed meru for the Majapahit destry. The surrounding pools are the symbols of oceans. The temple festival takes place on Anggara kliwon Medangsia.

Alas Kedaton

Alas kedaton is located in Tabanan district. It is very famous place for its monkeys. Around this place you can see a lot of naughty monkeys. Alas means the forest. That’s way, this place is a little forest that is settled by monkeys. Outside this area, you will find many artshops that sell many kind of souvenirs for the visitors.

Tanah Lot

It is located in the village of Braban, Kediri district, Tabanan regency. It is 29 km from Denpasar. The temple itself is located in a huge black rock. The temple was built in 16th century when Dang Hyang Nirartha made a long trip to the south part of Bali Island. He suggested to the people around the village that there is a huge snake which settles peace fully in one of the shines. This place, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset which enjoying the scenery



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