Nyepi Sensation

March 5, 2011 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Arts, Filosofies, Religious | Leave a comment

Everywhere, in this part of the world, machines, vehicles, people, fire, light, laser, are very common with us. The crowded situations make us to  be sometimes uncomfortable and stress in our life.


Nyepi Celebration, is very unique situation, which happen in the world. It’s commonly celebrated by Hindus especially in Bali. Once a year, where the nature can breath very natural, where there are no vehicles, machines, fire, light, and other entertainments. No body on the street, no body on the public place, and all are staying in their house, with silent mode. Event international airport in Bali is closed for 24 hours. So amazing….. The one in the world.

It becomes a unique  sensation of the people out side of Bali, and also foreigners to come to Bali, just for filling the sensation of Nyepi. Even though no light, and no traveling/ entertainment, but the are very happy to be in Bali for the silent day (NYEPI). It can be seen from the hotel occupancies in Bali are very high along nyepi day. Saving energy for 24 hours is so great….

They usually follow some Balinese activities, like mejejaitan, melajah bahasa, Mepayas Bali, and so on. See the pictures

Melajah Bahasa


Mepayas Bali


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