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Post Graduated

Scholarship, is one of the program which becomes a dream for many people who want to continue their study, especially in post graduated program, and for them who is low and middle economic class.  Because it will makes them free of study cost, which is paid by the government, and DIKTI (Directorat Pendidikan Tinggi) as the representative. The easiest way to get it is by studying well, and than after passing your study in your University, try to enter high school institutions, or university. Be a lecturer.

After that, you will get the license number, which is called NIDN (Nomor Induk Dosen Nasional). The next task that you have to do, is looking information for the scholarship from related institutions, like university that you want to enter, or government information. By that license, you can ask your institution to recommend you to continue your study. The next step will be some administration requirements which should be completed. Well, if you would like to apply, it’s better to follow my article,



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  1. thank 4 information….

    • sama sama

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