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The politic of Indonesia is very aggressive. The facts can be seen from the news that we usually follow in the mass medias like Television, Radio, an Newspaper. The polemics of the politic are very hot and nice to be followed. The one that I usually see as the crucial and make everybody become crazy is money. Who anyone doesn’n like money? May be that’s a question which need not to be asked again, because the answer must be everybody likes it, except a kind of hypocrite people.

In a line with money, there is a term which is so familiar in TV news show, like TV ONE, that is MONEY LAUNDRY. So, what does MONEY LAUNDRY mean? It’s a term which is usually used in dedicating the unfear businese. It does’n mean that we wash the money, or clean the money from the feces by taking a piece of tissue. Yah, that’s a kind of crazy definition………………………..

Well, Money Laundry is one of the action which is done generally by an important people in an institution or company who has a power, especially in managing the financial sector. By that power, they do something bad by doing corruption so that it can recession of the company’s or institution’s running. So that, they wash the money by laundrying it in the system, anf of course, the use their power to do that. And the final result, they take the company’s or institution’s money to be used by themselves. The worst thing, if they do corrruption to the goverment’s institution. They will take the society’s money. So, the citizens will be the side of the bed impact.

The final sentence, Let’s stop Corruption in Indonesia, and escape from the title as the three big countries with the highest corruption.


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