How to start an English conversation

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Speaking Situations: Introducing Yourself

Phrases for these situations

Vocabulary for these situations

Conversation Practice

1. Practice introducing yourself to your teacher and classmates in English.

Use first names for informal situations and full names (first and last) for formal situations.

2. Listen to others introduce themselves. Say “Nice to meet you” and repeat their names.

Smile (and shake hands if appropriate).


1. It is not common to use titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) when referring to yourself.
However, it is polite to use titles with others in formal situations, unless they give
you permission to do otherwise.

I’m Mr. Robert Smith. (Title is not necessary here.)
I’m Robert Smith. (Better)
I’m Dr. Sampson. (Okay, if you want to keep the relationship formal)

(After an introduction)
Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith.
Oh, please call me “Bob.”

2. Do not use titles with first names, and do not use last names alone without titles.

Hello, Mr. Bob (Wrong!)
Hi, Bob (Okay)

Good morning, Smith (Wrong!)
Good morning, Mrs. Smith (Correct)

Introducing Yourself

Here are some phrases for introducing yourself in English.

1. I’m John.

I’m Jackie. (Use first name in informal situations)
2. I’m John Kennedy.

I’m Jackie O’Neill. (Use full name in business and formal situations)
3. (It’s) nice to meet you.

(It’s) nice meeting you.

(It’s) good to meet you.
4. Nice to meet you too.

Conversation Starters

John Walker     : Hi, my name is John Walker, you can call me John

Michael Smith : I’m Michael Smith, My nickname is Mac. Nice to meet you John.

John Walker      : Nice to meet you too. Where are you from, Mac?

Michael Smith : I’m from America, but I live in Denpasar. What about you John?

John Walker     :  Wow, that’s cool. I’m from Australia, but I live in Denpasar as well

Michael Smith : So, what do you do here, John?

John Walker    :  I’m studying at STIKI, in Informatic class.

Michael Smith : Ooooo, So we are in the same campus.

John Walker    : Ooo, Great.. What’s your major Mac?

Michael Smith : I’m in informatic too. But may be we are in different class. Well, I must go now, see you soon

John Walker     : See you



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  1. wah mantep nih. kebetulan ane mu tes toefl nih..
    tengkyu gan.

    Bisena “klo mau di learn4good cari free toefl boss. asyik latihannya”

  2. Hi there!

    I used to hate networking – walking into a room of potential business contacts whom I didn’t know, introducing myself and starting a conversation – until I discovered a handy little secret.

    People usually find it easier to talk about themselves than any other subject you introduce… and the best way to get that information from them (and to take the pressure off yourself having to think of something clever to say!) is to ask OPEN questions.

    By that, I mean questions which use the words who, what, when, where, why, and how, and which require MORE than a simple yes or no answer.

    Think carefully about the questions you ask, and you will be able to quickly develop a good conversation, and you will AVOID those difficult moments that can follow a series of very short questions and answers, when no-one can think of anything to say!

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