Hell and Heaven

September 3, 2008 at 9:30 am | Posted in Religious | 2 Comments

Hell and Heaven are very common in our live. And I beliave that all people know already these two terms.


First talk about about the first one.

People said that if we do something bad, so the result will be bad too. It’s like when we plant Rafflesia, so we will grow Rafflesia. The conclussion, the result will be what we do in the previous time. The Bad thing that we get is called HELL. It can be in our life, or after we die.

Then, let’s talk the second one.

The wise people said, the something good in your live. So, you will get the great happiness in your life. The great happiness itself is called as Heaven.

So, now I ask you. Which one will you choose???

Give your comments below!!



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  1. Kalo gw sih pilih surga aja. itupun kalo bisa… doain ya….
    Bis, link blogku di blogmu….

  2. Aku juga, tapi jawabnya pake bahasa inggris aja, soalnya ini juga buka – buka kamus untuk mencari bahasa Indonesianya. Oke deh, tak doain, tapi jangan suka bentak – bentak ya, 🙂

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