August 28, 2008 at 11:08 am | Posted in Arts | 5 Comments

Nowadays, life is not too different with animals. People can do like what an animal do which is very un humanity for us as a human being. It can be seen from some criminal action which are done by some people in this world.

The example of that crime is mutilation. It become like a trend for urban society. When they feel unsatisfied with something, they are not worry to do that action without any thinking of sin that they will get from the God.

Ohhhh, sometime I feel that the world is getting crazy



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  1. ah, masak

  2. ihhhh ngeri. jaman sekarang banyak mutilasi. palagi pas lebaran tiba. mutilasi banyak teradi di pasar pasar…… heeeee….he….

  3. Ya, bener. aku ngeri banget juga dengan hal itu 🙂

  4. ya tuh….
    ngomong doang kalo manusia tuh makhluk mulia tapi tingkah lakunya dah kayak makhluk hina dina
    ga asyik banget!!
    dah gitu masih ngotot juga nolak2 teorinya darwin
    barangkali mas darwin bener,makanya manusia masih punya sifat binatang dalam dirinya

  5. Ya,
    Kalo aku liat pengen tak gambari binatang diwajahnya 🙂

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